Split screen multi player competitors. ..

Will we ever have the option to compete against drivatars or AI drivers when playing split screen multi player? Some of us actually have friends that visit.

I wish, split-screen would be way more fun with it.

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Ditto, but I think this belongs in the wish list thread.

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Yeah the split screen is pretty useless. A guest player is stuck renting cars since they can’t share your garage. There really should be an asterisk next to the 1-2 player on the cover.

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Turn 10 should wake up and realise that people do have real life friends who visit and want to join in on the fun. Always much more fun with real life friends than someone at the end of the ether.

Typically no response:/

There is a “official” split screen complaint thread, but it leads to no where too.

T10 doesn’t really reply on the forums considering peoples gripes with the game and nobody outside of T10 can help you. Your best bet is to e-mail them and read the fine print that there is a 1% chance you will get a response.