Speed of sound capable car?

Ok, I was just playing Fallout 4, and down south of the map I found a half destroyed billboard.
It said “The Cherry Bomb, The first car capable of the speed of sound” Or similar.
The “Cherry Bomb” is the nickname for the Chryslus 69. The car we’ll be getting free in 2016. Does this mean we’ll be getting a faithful copy, or are they gonna tone it down to more usable speeds? This will be carnage online.

Mitchy, are you bored?

Not bored exactly, more ponderous. lol
I was just thinking, This car is apparently the first car to break the sound barrier, and they’re bringing it into Forza. If people complain at the Gurkha, what they gonna do if people are ramming them at 700MPH? lol
We know Turn 10 like to be accurate, but will they sacrifice that accuracy to make the car more usable? It’s not like there are any tracks where that kind of speed is going to even be beneficial really. Not unless it can 0-700-0 in 3 seconds!

Also Dragnet, you should know we’re never bored when you grace us with your magnificence!

I was able to time travel with Forza Motorsport 4’s DeLorean, weren’t you? Heh.


“Sacrifice accuracy on fictitious car”: Sound like the new definition for oxymoron to me.

I would assume. Accuracy would be based on a real world model of the fiction. Ie. There was a prop - real bat mobile. But it just can’t do what the bat mobile does on screen and I would assume the car will be similar.

There is a 272 is soft wall in the games physics it seems anyway

Is Mulsanne even long enough for this fictitious car to get near its top speed?

They normally run these kind of speed attempts on salt flats as race tracks simply aren’t long enough right?

As much as that would be awesome I’m fairly certain that wouldn’t happen. Good on you for connecting that though haha

Yeah, I know about the assumed wall at 272MPH, that’s part of why I was raising it. Just wondering how they’re going to word it to make them sound good, while gimping out on it at the same time. You know Turn 10 love to spin the facts sometimes to paint the best possible picture, so we’ll see when it comes out I assume. I’m just wondering how it’ll come out. Some press conference where they say the car is capable of 700MPH plus, but for regular road use it was limited to 200MPH or some rubbish. lol

Unless Turn 10 adjust their physics engine to allow for a car to break the 274mph barrier that car isn’t going to go any faster.

This thread is all sorts of ridiculous and it’s kind of nice.


Makes a pleasant change if you ask me lol

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Christmas is a time for the silly and fun! lol

Is the 272mph wall posted in here for cars when on track? I managed to fall through the floor a few times on FM5 and ended up doing 310mph+, so I’m slightly confused.

Clearly, the advertising is exaggerated. There’s probably fine print that can’t be read anymore, given that the billboard is 200+ years old. Something like: “*700mph only possible in pre-production prototype. Production model has been detuned to a maximum speed of 250mph to comply with Federal Road Safety requirements.”

A thread without anger or someone ripping off someone else’s head is a welcome change

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+1 on that. I’m new to the forum but damn is it a blood bath in here. Nice to not see that for once.

What did you just say?


Well, the Chryslus Corvega in the first Fallout had a 0-60 time of 0.5 seconds…so I’m not sure what’s worse.

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Sigh…only you Mitchy, only you…

If it could go faster than the speed of sound, would that have stopped the issue of other cars being louder than yours?