Special badges

hi guys, stupid question: how to unlock the special badges? I miss almost only those. thanks

Most of the special badges are for what forza rewards tier level you were at when you very first started playing fm7
1-11 are loyalty rewards badges

Then you have “welcome to forza” and " thank you for playing forza"which everyone should get
The last one is VIP

I played FM4 with another profile. Then only FM7

And that would be why you wont have any of the tier ones…and wont be able to ever get them

Im up to tier level 43 but for some reason , back in the beginning I only ever got tier level badge awards up to 5 .
6 through to 11 never dropped . I s that why the racing suits didnt drop ? horizon 1 , fm5 , fm4 , 3 , 2 and the original fm .
I did get fm 6 , 7, fh 2 and fh3 though . Odd ?

Always used the same profile , never changed anything nor console

You’re confusing ingame car collector level with forza rewards tier…which maxes at tier 13

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in addition to special badges, even for the driver suits of the previous force must you have played or are released in the race shop?

yep the driver suits are loyalty rewards linked to your Forza hub tier level as well

more info can be found in this thread for Forza Rewards


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So my Forza Hub tier is 9 but my FM7 is only unlocked up to 6. 7-11 are locked. Does this mean that the Forza Vet badges are permanently locked because I wasn’t Tier 9 when I started?

you only got the tier rewards for what tier you were at when you very first started playing

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How is it possible to be Tier 4, only unlocked Forza Motorsport 6 Driver Gear which corresponds to Tier 4 but not driver gear wich corresponds to Tier 2 and 3, and only unlocked the Tier 1 and 3 badges but not the Tier 2 and 4 badges ?

If I read what is explained here : https://support.forzamotorsport.net/hc/en-us/articles/360005362674-Loyalty-Rewards-and-Forza-Rewards
I miss a lot of things, or maybe I read badly?

Thank you.

Motorsport 7 was my first game so I was in tier 1 when I started the game. Under my badges I see the Level 1 badge available to me…

Now I’m in Tier 5 in Forza rewards. In game I see Tier 2 to Tier 5 as unlocked but not available, rest of the Tiers shows as Locked. Does this mean badges for the Tier 2 to Tier 5 could appear in race shop and I need to buy them to use it? Or as mentioned, it doesn’t matter, I would not be able to use it no matter if they shows as Locked or unlocked?

You ONLY get the tier loyalty badges for what forza rewards tier you were at when you very first started playing

You DON’T get them when you increase your forza rewards tier
They wont purchasable in the shop
They are loyalty rewards badges

Ok understand, I don’t miss them anyway so nothing to worry. Thanks for the reply…

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Once you pick up the next Forza you will be given the reward loyalty badges that you have earned since you started playing

Yeah, hopefully hit the high tiers faster before the next Forza comes in…