Soo...Redfall then

Very middling reviews.

Buggy as well.

Shame :disappointed:

From the bit I’ve played so far, it feels off to control. Dunno if it’s just the 30fps but it’s not nice

Uninstalled from xsx. Not enjoyable.

Might try it on pc GP

I’m guessing these reviews are on console, it’s installed there but not played yet. I’ll be back in half an hour or so to say how it runs on PC, bearing in mind this is not exactly a high spec PC so gfx settings will have to be dropped.

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Even the pc review isn’t great. Haven’t tried it yet tho

Well, running on my system on “medium” at UHD resolution (it could probably take more but sits happily at 60fps) I haven’t seen one tiny glitch which could easily have been caused by my setup and what’s running. Then again, this time has been mainly walking around searching every little corner, a few bad guys, but not a level of graphical action that would stress anything.

As far as the concept goes, that’s going to need some more exploration. But on my system, so far, I would class it as pretty stable but it hasn’t reached a “stress” point yet.

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Tried this out this morning.

My rig is a few gens old now, gtx1080 and fourth gen i7, both overclocked.

Tried default settings at 1440p with fsr 2.1… Drops to 20.

Dropped down to 1080p, medium settings and fsr set to performance and still couldn’t get a solid 60, low 40s.

Uninstalled from pc.

Thanks but just no.

Ryzen 5 3600, Aorus B550 chipset, GTX 1660 Super OC, 32 Gb ram, game on 1Tb PCIe 3 NVME (over 8Tb storage across NVME and regular HD). Hardly “high end”. Just made sure it was was on medium detail and that was it. Less than 16Gb system ram is a no-no, a 1080 is JUST above minimum and the i7 may well be as good as borderline. Also, I have nothing OC’d which may cause instability because I doubt the game would be written to account for that.

You might not be able to achieve anything above “low” without a new gfx card, to be honest

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A whole system refresh is needed but can’t justify the spend. If only I had a 500e closed system that could do 4k and connect to my telly… :slight_smile:

Comes down to how much you can justify spending, because your own admission is that the system is so outdated an upgrade is justified. And that’s before we think of how things are more likely to fail because of age, starting at the power supply. Then instead of splashing out on everything at once, buy a bit one month, another the next, and so on, reusing things like hard drives, etc.

Reports doing the rounds that arkane hoped that MS would cancel or change redfall along with details on high loss of staff on the project.

Who to believe I guess.

It’s going to cancel itself. It is pretty, but that doesn’t make up for the poorly-executed concept