Someone should host this ( TUNING CHALLENGE )

I dont know if you remember but AGES ago PTG Greeksniper hosted his Bathurst Hot Lap challenge and I was wondering if someone would host another one because it was really popular and it helped me and many others improve their builds and tunes. Im not the best driver which is why I am asking one of you racing veterans to take the challenge of hosting this.


There’s one going on right now, just look below…there’s still room, 1st car its due this sunday.

Is this a hotlap challenge, please can you link this. If the cars have to be in for a deadline it cant be the same

Yeah, I remember Greek’s challange. I built so many cars and drove many, many miles on Bathurst for that!! That guy can drive!! It would be cool if somebody wanted to put that kind of time into trying others cars. I know that whole thing helped me alot, but I know speaking for myself, I haven’t had enough time lately to play much for myself. And I’m nowhere near the driver to take on something like that. At some point I’m hoping to get some Rivals Hot Lap Challenges going on various routes and circuits.