Some problems to solve, please.


FIrst off all, I need to change my nickname for my gametag, but I don’t have the option when I go in the “Edit Profil” menu. Can somebody tell me how to do it ? My gamertag is StarChicken456.

And then, some questions about FM7 ;

  • I did reset my game after playing a couple ou days, and lost my VIP cars, but still receive my VIP Mod. It is normal ?

  • When you play Horizon 3, when you reset your game, you still receive all of your Forzathon rewards. Not here ?

  • I tried to sell 2 cars in the AH, but when I reset the game, the cars appears in my selling options, but I can’t claim them. Why ?

Edit : I just claimed a reward on the ForzaRC live. I don’t hace received the prize. It is because of my wrong gamertag ? Can someone fix it ?

Thanks for the help. I play Forza since Forza Motorsports 3, but I’m a real newb on those forums. ^^

If all of those issues are tied to another gamer tag, there isn’t anything you’ll be able to do about it, as far as I know

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Ok, so first off, by ‘reset game’, do you mean you deleted your save?

You won’t receive your Forzathon rewards if you’ve done this.

You say your gamertag is StarChicken456 but you post on here with a different one. For ForzaRC, you need to make sure your profile is linked with your Xbox account email.

How to change your Xbox gamertag

You need to be using the same Xbox profile for the forums, the game itself, and ForzaRC for everything to work properly.

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