Some Gauges are Fuzzy/Do not Work

I’ve noticed some gauge clusters show up blurry in first-person on both views. Relative to this, some analog gauges don’t seem to work or follow some turbo psi, rpm etc. Working odometers are one of my favorite things to check up on in sims and seeing working analog odometers in older cars makes the feel pretty amazing.

If a working analog odometer isn’t possible to display on the dash, the fact there’s no digital odometer option to attach to the interior is kind of disappointing too.

If nothing else, having this feature in telemetry could be a simple fix for this issue, to update mi/km in real time.

The whole car interiors are much blurrier and low resolution than even FH5 and FM7. Not to mention the fact that the interiors are razor sharp and accurate in GT7 and even in an arcade racer like The Crew Motorfest. Even crazier is you can see the rear seats in the interior. (Same applies for the car models and their exterior details).


In addition to that some are so badly done that you cant see the needles at all. other thing I realised is that in older FMs digital car clocks showed real world time and now we got track time, which is kind of useless.


Does this issue still persist after recent updates? Would it be possible to provide a video of this in action?

Does this seem to happen for all cars or just some cars? If it’s just some cars can you give some model examples?

Some dashboard instruments are quite blurry yet others very sharp. Two examples are below being the XJ220 (blurry instruments and non working odometer) and the 2014 HSV Gen F GTS (blurry instruments and no odometer). Would be great if these can be fixed along with other cars with blurry instruments and non working odometers.
Running 3440x1440 with everything on ultra, Quality DLAA, RT ultra but reflections and mirror on high.

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