SOLVED: Mission checkbox pinned to my HUD, how do I remove this? MODS PLEASE DELETE

Completed the mission on the Volcano, all the other checkboxes disappeared once I completed it, but this one is just there static on the screen no matter what I do…anyone else? Is this a known bug? Anyone have a Fix?

UPDATE: This changed to a new mission…keeps telling me to go complete another event, I just want to roam…checking and unchecking destinations/events on the map doesn’t change this.

The mission checkbox goes away when I change radio stations, but always comes back when the radio icon/off fades away after a few seconds.

Thank You!

Is it possible you accidentally pinned it while trying to claim another accolade? I did that once.

If it’s not in the Known Issues list pinned at the top of the forum, use the following link to submit it:

EDIT: Thank You, I re-read what you wrote and I did indeed pin an accolade, that’s what it was.