[SOLVED] Down The Hatch Accolade ? Anyone have it completed?

in the online section of accolades under horizon tour

has anyone completed down the hatch?

Yeah the only tour accolade that is unachievable is the s2 race.


i know about the S2

but, this one is just not showing up
i have been to many “anything goes” and i cant select a retro hot hatch car

I’m fairly sure I used the honda civic mugen with a S1 tune on it. Make sure you have a retro hot hatch upgrade to the level of the race and I would go ahead and be in the car before selecting join the tour so u can easily just go to use current car.

Can confirm the magen works for s1 anything goes just joined a tour with it.

edit: delete previous post

i double check my mugen class …
and some how I went past s1 and modded my mugen to s2 937 …

ill post back soon once i downgrade and find a race again

got it to work

when i was in a rush to upgrade the car to s1 i put some engine mods on it and did not realize it pushed it to s2 937

and thanks KhaoticPimpin for posting and confirming!

Im going to go ahead and marked this as solved.