So.... when can we expect to see an FM7 Suggestions forum?

I’ve got a laundry list that did not make the cut this time around, hopefully there will be somewhere to post it before FM7 is being worked on!

In appproximately 18 months or so.

Until then, feel free to post in the FM6 wish lists as those are still read and still pertinent.

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I was on the phone the other night for 1 hr with someone form T10 ( not gonna say who ) one piece of info I got for Forza 7 is that they are upping the damage modeling of the cars…that’s all I could get out of him.

“Never believe anything you read on the internet” - Abraham Lincoln


Take it for what it worth… we’ll see in 2 more years if I’m right or wrong.

Sounds legit.

Hahaa Forza 7 talk already! I expect that wishlist to come sometime next year. I’m sure we will all have something to add to it (I won’t make this thread a wishlist of things I want haha) but for now lets enjoy Forza 6! (when it arrives)

They always open up those wishlists when the games are pretty much final.
I suppose until then we`ll once again pretend to make suggestions for Forza 6 in order to not get posts deleted :wink:
“Could you please quickly add dynamic daytimes to Forza 6, thanks!”

Thiose wishlists are as much for future games as they are for the one they are listed for (FM6 wishlists may not have much effect on FM6, but then again something may come of them, but they can be used for FH3 and FM7).

Late 2016 or early 2017, I’d wager.

Not all things can make it at launch, maybe your wishlists have been noted and Turn 10 is working on it.

It’s way too early to do predictions on Forza Motorsport 7 as well as it’s wishlists. However, those threads will pop up (and be stickied) when the game will be confirmed, most likely in June 2017.

Please, no discussion about Forza Motorsport 8.

FM9 will be a bulldozer sim. I heard it from a 17th-century pirate I just hallucinated.

(sorry, FM6 → sleep deprivation → hallucinatory pirate. I still believed him though)

Forza 7 …and 8 wishlist is already posted under the name forza 6 wishlist, just because the games out doesnt mean they dont still use the current and past wishlists.