Slide America: !Recruiting Wednesday/Thursday!

Slide America was established in Forza Motorsport (1), as a competitive drift team. We have undergone extreme construction, under the policies of Out And Out Competitive Gaming(Forza Division Alliance)/(more info TBA). T

We are hosting recruiting sessions Tonight(Wednesday), along with Thursday afternoon. Team Captains will be judging, and team leader will be overseeing full recruitment session.

Recruitment will be broadcasted via Twitch(@O2WaK).

Judges will NOT ONLY consider skill, but personality as well. Social participation is expected for members of Slide America and the O2CG Alliance.

Judges will be looking for:



Wednesday: 9PM Mountain Time
Thursday: 2PM Mountain Time

Team Leader: O2 WaK
Captain: O2 Big Country
Captain: crestive

Please Add and Message these members in regards to Tryouts. See You There!!!
(“O” in GTs are the LETTER)