Skill Mastery Reset

Disclaimer: I am in no way trying to insult the Forza devs or place blame on them, they are great people and I am only sharing my opinion on the matter.

So recently, the game was updated and patched the “bug” where skill mastery trees would reset once a car was put up for auction. So whenever you buy a car from the auction house, if the previous owner filled out the skill mastery tree, the skill mastery tree will stay filled once you receive that car.

I believe that this was not a good update, because it renders many money-making methods that players, such as myself, use. For example, grinding skill points, purchasing a car, which in my case was a Pontiac, claiming the super wheelspins, then selling it again on the auction; I attempted this method a few weeks ago, without knowing what had happened, to find that over a half of all those cars had filled out masteries, so I spent over 2m on nothing, and just barely got my money back.

Another reason why this could have negative effects on the game is that now many of the cars that people have used for these money-making methods have plummeted in price, for example, the Pontiac was once between 350-500k but is now less than 250k.

Finally, my last reason why this was a negative update is that many players have used these methods to garner hundreds of millions of credits, to the point where money is no longer an issue for them, but new players now have to struggle through making money in different ways that are not as fast or effective. Money is quite difficult to get in Forza (at least to my basic knowledge and casual gameplay of the game), and this update just makes it harder to get.

However, there is one idea that may improve this update. And that is to make it so that the masteries only reset when you are purchasing a car from the auction house, not when you reclaim a car that hasn’t sold.

Could you please kindly vote on the poll below so I can see the general consensus, thanks!

  • I agree, this update was not good and should be reverted
  • I agree, this update was not good but we shouldn’t do anything about it
  • I disagree, this update was good
  • We should implement the idea stated in the post

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