Whenever you land in FH2 you’re at a car meet and Showdown races are activated by selecting the X button with a 19 minute countdown scheme. Up to 12 people can race live and I enjoy these races more than the online lobbies, where people drive like crazy. What is cool about showdown races is that there is no restrictions on class at all. So bring your upgraded and tuned car to the Showdown Events at the car meet and see how it and your driving skills stack up with some really talented drivers. I guess most people aren’t aware of this amazing feature in FH2 or they won’t be so sparse sometimes. If you have Kinect (I do!!!) you can interact with each other during the race. SHOWDOWN RACES FOLKS, that’s where the fun is. Also, the starting position is determined by Class, so lower class cars are positioned before higher classes, amounting to lead time for the lower classes. I race in all but one of the six showdown locations, so be sure to check it out each time you land in FORZA HORIZON 2 LAND !!!

I know FM6 is the hot ticket items now and the focus of us all, but every now and then you need to break free form the restrictions of track racing and break out free in an open-world environment, and to me, that’s where FH2 and Showdown races will always fill the void. It’s never too overcrowded, where the maximum allowed can race in a game is 12 (the most I’ve ever had in a race is 8), it attracts some quality drivers and is short and sweet. Come on folks, lets Showdown @ Nice, @ San Giovani, … ad infinatum.

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