Show us Your Dragon Arts' Auction Cars

My mistake D3AN, 6.9 mil was correct. Must’ve got it confused with some of the other deals you snagged : ) Anyway, here’s a pic of the car that dropped to me for 1,600 creds LOL…

That’s a steal for sure. Wish I’d seen it, but the bidding was fast and furious and had to narrow down my attention to a few favorites. Some got out of control, but I think I paid a total of about 400k for the two that I did get.


So a week ago Wednesday i sent D.A. a message saying “Still planning a blowout? I double-dog-dragon-dare you to paint a Tekken Challenger in black.”. Fast forward to Saturday night, i’m in a party with Dean and he says “Dragon’s put his first car up… and…umm…Terry…it’s a black Tekken Challenger!” You’re never so nervous in the AH as when you’re bidding on a car you’re obliged to win!
Baz typifies the generous nature of the Forza forum community as a whole and Deadlights in particular. Cheers mate!
blackbeauty by koiftt, on Flickr
unbrakeable by koiftt, on Flickr
knockout by koiftt, on Flickr

Nice thread Gears!

Glad to see that plenty of people managed to grab themselves a cheap car or enjoyed themselves battling to get the ones they wanted.

For those of you who missed the one you really wanted, if you ask Gears really nicely he may put it up as a prize car in future!? :wink:

Jeff, I’ll be in touch, & a personal thanks; Yourself & a select band of others are keeping DeadLights … Alive & Bright! Respect!

Cheers to you all

It turns out i have a 2 star rep! I’m sure the majority of my reviewers are from me playing a certain online war game, but i wonder if any if my overly-aggresive or unsporting tags have come from my AH antics! Can’t believe any of my Quit Early votes did though! Shall i change my ways or will i stay the !@#$%^&*()_+ and have cars like these? Yeah, it’s a no-brainer :smiley:
looney by koiftt, on Flickr
artattack by koiftt, on Flickr
sharpster by koiftt, on Flickr
Tekken4 by koiftt, on Flickr

I couldn’t get my favorites, on 3 cars i gave up bidding at between 250-300 million. But i still managed to get a few others. Here are the ones i did roll away with.

Better late than never…

And a few more I found laying around my garage…

You’re the best Baz!