Should I buy the game?

Alright guys, here’s the story.
I stopped playing XBOX for over two years now, but I have been watching some gameplay of FH2 and I just fell in love with it.
My questions are:
I have seen in a youtube vid that the XBOX one offers more customization than the 360 does. Is it true? And if it is, how much will it change the game?
Is it worth the price? 50USD for the game, another 60 for the GOLD XBOX membership
What is the best wheel for it? I want something with a working clutch, gear stick, I want it to feel REAL!

Don’t know about the wheel, but the game is brilliant. Especially, if you happen to be a car nut… get it…get it… get it!!

The One version is alot better, you have alot more cars and less bugs and will also give you more hours of fun.

The game is a lot better on the Xbox One so I’d recommend that version

Also you don’t HAVE to spend money on Xbox Live, I find the game is a lot of fun by itself offline

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Yes, it’s worth the price. You shouldn’t pay $60 for Live Gold though, you can get it for half that from, that’s what I did.

On Xbox 360: No, probably not.

On Xbox One: Most Def.