Shelby Daytona S1 Tuning

What’s the best S1 tuning setup for the Shelby Cobra Daytona? I have the PI maxed out at 900, but still get blown out of the water in S1 showdown races. (And yes, I’m a decently skilled racer.) It’s got a 0 - 60 time of 3.213 seconds, 0 - 120 time of 6.677 seconds, and a top speed of 206.6 mph.

If you have a parts and settings list, that would be awesome!

Hello, I believe I have a S1 tune up for this. Go check it out and lemme know what you like and don’t like. From there I can probably point you to parts and also tuning numbers.

Gamertag is my Screen Name here. If you want, follow me and it will give you access to all my tunes across the board.

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The setup works great, a lot faster and quicker than my own S1 tunes. I’d just like to change up the wheels.

If you can get me what wheels you want by say 2PM Mountain Time (USA), I will make sure to check back, and some time this weekend share that tune for you.


I use the Racing Dynamics RGS 5-spoke wheels in the Sport Rims category, with the first Front Wheel Size upgrade and the second Rear Wheel Size upgrade.

Thanks. If I get on tonight, first thing will be this.