Series 32 Predictions

Based on the name, it should have new races or maybe even new race cars, I don’t know though. Based on Series 31, I highly doubt it. Hope I’m wrong though.


:face_holding_back_tears: :face_holding_back_tears:again?

Track toys are probably more likely than full blown racecars, but hey, I’ve been wrong before. Thought the Senna GTR and Sabre were a shoe-in for Series 31.


Extreme Track Toys are basically a full blown race cars, unless they had the Sports Prototype & GT Racing Machinery. they also have Track Only Hypercars as well.

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I was actually starting to believe the hype & was holding out hope for the “Euro Exotic” car pack with at least the MC20 & Sabre…


Yep, the hype exists in the wrong time.

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I’m hoping that they’ll finally remember that this is a racing game and add back in custom championships as opposed to constantly drip feeding racing endgame like it’s the only thing motivating us to engage with the playlist.

I’m expecting disappointment though.

If new races were coming they’d be advertising that fact, just like last time races were added. I’m fairly certain we’re not getting more in season 32.

As for the cars themselves, I’m having trouble caring these days. What’s the point in more cars with such limited endgame options to engage said cars with?

I don’t need every season to be amazing or bring major updates, I’m just so sick and tired of waiting around for PGG to finally get their head out of the clouds and back on track. They were nibbling on the corners of it a bit there when they added more race tracks to this wildly underutilized map, but I’ve yet to be convinced that was anything more than a random fluke as opposed to actual smart direction.

PGG has dug themselves too deep of a hole during the Mike Brown era for me to give them the benefit of the doubt after one tiny step in the right direction.

The series title is nothing more than an affectation. Please prove me wrong PGG. I’m begging you.


This. I mean, I love getting new cars and all, but I often just play with them for maybe 5 minutes to get a feel for them, and then I log off. Frankly, I always felt the festival playlist is kind of backwards. It should more akin to Gran Turismo where we can buy brand new cars in the Autoshow, and then use them in special monthly events designed specifically for said cars.


can someone explain me what kinda theme it will be!

I don’t know either. Race-off could be a lot of things. The icon with 2 helmets implies to me some sort of head to head races?

oh…ok. so what cars can we expect?

How should I know? :confused:

of course u don’t know bro!! I just asked what cars u think might come…

I don’t know what Race-off means. Could be head to head or track racing? I hope we finally get the long awaited MC20 and the McLaren Sabre and some more cars from FM8.


It better not, unless they are exclusive speedsters or something, the. No

There something in one of the Fast and Furious Movies called Race Wars. Could be something similar to that

Just saw Jakexvx’s video.

Wait for the light to turn green and floor the accelerator! The Horizon Festival is off to the races with Horizon Race-Off, the next update coming to Forza Horizon 5

Get ready, set, and go for Horizon Race-Off!

Looks like we’re getting the long awaited drag race update?? :smiley:

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Fingers crossed! I’ve got a Firebird ready to rumble.

Log on to Forza. Race off has started