Selling rares

Alfa romeo 155 q4
Cadillac CT4-V
Ferrari 250 gt
Honda NSX-R GT*
Lexus lc500
Mclaren f1*
#20 mg6 xpower
Mg6 x power
mini cooper s FE*
Renault megane rs 250
Subaru 22b*
Wuling sunshine s*

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How much for the Lexus 500?

How much for the nsx?

45 mil with the taxes

I guess 20 mil ?


hey, is lc500 still available?


Accepted on the 45 with the taxes

If you still have the LC500, I can buy it from you now.

Deal for hm ?


45 with taxes is okay with you?

Works for me.

ill take all these cars
gimme ur price for all of these

Fine add me on xbox on the same username

I got dups from some of them got behind their names * so mention ur price for every car and am in

I will buy 22 BRZ for 20 mil

22b? Iā€™m new to the forums. How do these trades work?

25 with the taxes is okay with u ?