Selling cars

I should have made a post for all the cars im trying to sell instead of just the jaguar. I will sell for a price of my choice or the best offer or trade for cars worth equal or more value.
1 ExtremeE #44, #125, #5, #55 #23 (#125 sold-40mil)
2 ExtremeE #58
27 ExtremeE #42
1 SF90 Stradale
2 VK Commodore
5 Honda Trophy trucks
1 #100 Cyan Racing 03 lynk & co(can’t confirm you will get it due to auction snipers)
1 8CTF Maserati
2 650S spiders
1 Minor Series II Traveler
1 Plymouth Fury
1 911 GT3 RS 4.0
1 911 Carrera 2 GW
2 Sports 800 toyotas
3 CT5-V blackwings
Be warn Some of these cars I might not be willing to sell yet and am just throwing them out there to see what people will pay for them. Prices will depend on offers and the amount of offers for each car.

Hm r u willing for the traveler

check your DMS

I’m interested in the E 125 if you still have it.


I’ll take a 650s spider if still available

I’ll take the Fury if you still have it.

How much for the ct5 v