Self tune, clean racing league season 2 starting May 8th. A few spots available

Season 2 rules:
There will be 12 Races.
Points are based on finishing between positions 1-15.
As this is a league on a video game, we understand that the real world takes priority over the simulated world. Thus we have imposed a system where only the best 8 results will be chosen for the Championship in the event of absences.
Number of Laps should equal around 30 minute race time.
You must make 1 mandatory pit stop per race.
Qualifying will consist of 3/4 laps (based on the track) where the fastest laptime takes Pole

Below is a highlight real thingy from season 1.
Forza 6 BTR season 1 sizzle real .

If you are interested in joining check out BTR.KINICHIE.COM .

Alternatively add me as a friend on xbl. Radarhead.

Our web guy couldn’t help but make a poster thing for the upcoming race…

Still a few spots left.