Seeker Championship Question

Ok so I have completed all the events in the Seeker Championship, but for some reason the Seeker Elite Champion achievement is still locked along with the driver gear. Am I missing something?

If you’ve completed the Seeker Championship then you should have unlocked the Seeker Champion Achievement:

The Seeker Elite Champion Achievement probably requires the series to change to Elite status after you’ve completed something else, like the full Driver’s Cup.

Ok cool thanks for the help.

Yes when you complete game first time more events open up in each championship. Think of it as a new game plus.

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I also completed ALL the races within the Seeker Championship, is this is explained in the game and I missed it?

To me “Fully Complete(d) the Seeker Championship” meant complete all the races.

No, it actually means “Fully Complete(d) the Seeker Championship *including the hidden ones, however we won’t tell you how to unlock them, muhaha!”

Here’s an explanation from (Comments on the guide for Seeker Elite Champion in Forza Motorsport 7 by FAULTIER) - by Faulter
“You need to finish the drivers cup one time to unlock all races.
You just need:
10/10 cups
5/5 showcases
8500 total points”

I can see how it’s an easter egg of sorts but I think the Elite races should show up as locked and have an explanation of how to unlock them. It’s a minor quibble but that may have saved me 700k+ credits and just overall confusion.

Thanks to ManteoMax, Amused2Death 66 and Faulter.

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