Sebring-Vanguard Citicar 1974-1977

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An Electric Cheese Wedge produced in Florida of all places, a total of around 2300 were built.

Early models had an astonishing 2.5HP which was later upgraded to 3.5HP and then to an enormous 6HP.

The later models had an estimated Top Speed of around 38mph (61kph) while the less powerful ranged from 25mph - 28mph (40kph - 45kph), 0-25mph was achieved in just over 6s at best and the maximum potential range in ideal circumstances was about 40miles (61km).

The cars themselves are tiny with a wheelbase of 63 inches (160cm), a width of 55 inches (140cm) and a height of 58 inches (145cm) at the rear. Due to the relatively primitive EV and Lead Acid Battery Technology of the Era however they had a weight of about 1200-1300lbs (~570kg).

Due to the unusual shape and small size the wind speed and even just having a window open could have a drastic affect on performance and lead to a reduction in Top Speed of a couple mph.

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Another fun fact but unrelated to this topic is that a Version was built from 1977-1979 that featured an extended wheelbase was built called the CitiVan. Originally very few were produced as the tiny size meant that it being a Van wasn’t particularly useful for the average person especially given the affect of additional weight on performance.

The American Postal Service also got their own verison of the Van in 1979 but it featured an even longer wheelbase, 12hp, more battery capacity and a 3-Speed Transmission.