Season #Forzathons - Change 1st Weekly Challenge condition to "Buy or own"

This leads to a lot of confusion at the moment and might with future weekly challenges. One week after release, people start to own a lot of cars.

Even if you own one or several (or all) Offroad-type cars, you still have to buy another one to activate this week’s chapters.

This should be a minor fix

That’s not true. I used offroad car from my garage, bought or won earlier. First chapter was done when I’ve just leaved one of my houses sitting in this car. So you don’t need to buy another car.

You do not have to buy an offroad car trigger this, I just drove one from my garage and the first step completed.

Yep, I saw ‘not owned’. Thought, that’s odd?? Went to garage, sorted by off-road, got in one, left house and it completes the own and drive, on to 3 races.