Season 22 - spec racing - 1974 holden sandman - hosted by r/fm4

It’s time for the twenty second season of our Forza Motorsport series. The goal is to have the feel of serious racing league while being able to let those who just want to have fun be able to compete. The season will consist of 9 races over the course of 5 weeks. Races will be held once a week on Tuesday evenings at 7:00pm Central (US). Each night will last between around two hours. The first race night is 7/10/18. Participants all run the same car and upgrades however tuning is allowed. This is a simulation damage series. This seasons car is an B-Class 1974 Holden Sandman HQ panel van. It was selected by season twenty one’s second place championship points finisher M0STW4NT3D…

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Reminder: Tuesday (7/10/18) is Test n’ Tune night. We will be running thru all the tracks on the schedule for Season 22.

There are still spots available.

See everyone Tuesday!

Season 22 Driver Introduction and Spotters Guide

Pictures from Test n’ Tune Night

We still have spots available.

Reminder: Tuesday (7/17/18) is week 1 on the schedule. Racing starts at 7:00pm central (US). I will be hosting.
See everyone then.

Week 1 Photo Recap

Reminder: Week 2 Tuesday (7/24/18) racing starts at 7:00pm central. See everyone then.

Photo Recap Week 2

Photo Recap Week 3

Photo Recap Week 4

Reminder: Tuesday (8/14/18) is Week 5 on the schedule. Racing starts at 7:00pm central (US) I will be hosting.
This is the “75min” endurance race.

See everyone then.