Screenshot of leaderboard?

So there isi scorecard at the end of a race sin the leagues howing the total points for a race as well as the total points for the league.

The total points is way off (currently shows 1400) from the leaderboard score (shich is 22,500)

How do I take a screenshot of the leaderboard?


Thanks, ManteoMax.
I was in a panic situation as wasn’t thinking straight.

I did a search, but didn’t think to check the FAQs.

-tap the Xbox One controller power button and press Y to save the image or say “Xbox, take a screenshot.”

That does not work for some people.

Actually it’s double tap - hit the power button twice, and the Y button is a separate maneuver which brings up the save menu. It’s an Xbox function which works in any situation so it should work for everybody. My Kinect is rarely working these days so the take a screenshot command never works for me.

What I found out was that some time ago (perhaps in Forza 5) I got tired of all the video clips being saved, so I disabled it. If you cannot capture the screenshots you might want to check out:

Settings - Preferences - Gave DVR & Streaming -
Make sure that Allow broadcasts and game captures box is checked.

The next time I tried the screen capture, it worked as advertized.


Thanks, it works!

Where does all the data get saved? Must be millions of Gigs of data.