Scored on the auction house today!

i knew I was going to come up short of the 80% to get the Bone Shaker. So I peeked around the auction house and couldn’t believe my eyes when I actually saw one. I hit the Y button as fast as I could! I was even more shocked when my buyout bid was confirmed. Just a guy with an X-Boc controller and some fast fingers. I swiped one from the snipers! Great price too!


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Very good price!!! I sold my spare one for 20m last week, well done :+1:t5: :+1:t5: :+1:t5:

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I’ve sold two, one last week, and one a few months back, when I think it was up for a seasonal prize or something. And they both went almost as soon as the confirmation popup closed.

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Definitely a very rare car.

Think I’ve got a spare one. Cleared out most of my garage 2 weeks ago. Removed/deleted all my duplicate cars rather than give them to auction house bots. If they bothered to race in events they wouldn’t need any money.

Pretty sure I saw it duplicated last night. Was planning on deleting at the weekend. Can stick it on the auction house at the lowest if you want to try and out pace the bots.

Congrats, I messed up by not doing the previous rewards and now I’m stuck at 73% for the season.

I wanted that car, oh well.