Sandbox mode?

I love all the forza games from motorsports 3 to horizon five im not a huge fan of the seasons in the new horizon games but its not that big of a deal but not being able to buy a car upgrade it and drive it is really disappointing especially after spending 110 dollar on it in pre-order i feel like they did it to get a game that you can play longer and still have fun but i dont want to buy a D class car and have to spend hours leveling it up like crazy just to have fun in it, if i want to buy a new car to go drifting with my friends online id like to do that. I didn’t watch any early gameplay or anything about this game cause i like experiencing a new game for the first time myself and i did the same thing with the forza horizon 5 hotwheels expansion and i played through the prolog and realized i can’t use any of my cars and haven’t played it since no one it probably going to listen to me and they have my money now im not sure if there is or will be a sandbox type mode but i sure hope it come soon. Please let me know if i missed something and its been one button click away ive looked but i cant seem to find anything. Thanks in advance.