SamuraiMac's Race cars - New Sunoco Chevy Cruze

Chevy Cruze touring car, in Penske/Donohue Sunoco tribute:

Mazda RX7 Mobil 1:

ChevyLola Indycar in Momo Mokart colours -

Porsche 944T in 1980 924GTP LeMans tribute, no.s 2 (UK flag), 3 (US flag), and 4 (German flag):

Opel GT - ADAC Nordrhein 24h Classic number board

Bob Jane on modern Camaro:

Bob Jane’s no.76 Camaro, 1972 ATCC winner:

MR2 AW11, Tenzo Racing, TRD, & JPS inspiration - not too fussy, hopefully; sometimes simplicity is best. Think black and red/gold suits the car. Red 5 for Nigel Mansell (though the 5 was Williams days, I’ve already used #12 on other designs).

Lancia Montecarlo, Marlboro colours with TAG, OLIO fiat decals:

Brock Richards Holden HDT (Holden Dealership Team) VC Commodore:

And its stablemate Torana:

AMG Aussie V8, in CLA45 tribute, with Watanabe wheels Falcon Racing Service Factory as main sponsor… so stick Watanabe’s on it :wink:

It’s loaded onto the #4 Erebus E63 AMG V8 presently - will load onto the other Merc soon

And a “clean” version also available, sans sponsor decals

250LM in Momo colours added, and I’ve also put my JPS Capri on to the other Capri - so it’s available on both cars now :slight_smile:

TRD Avensis touring car (no. 80 Speedworks car - well load into the others later)

Dino in Momo Mokart colours:

Some old Fords:

And the prototype Macho Z Camaro:

Akrapovic advertising mule M4 (add in Evo, plus Google images):

With the absence of an '80s Esprit, thought I’d pop am ESSEX tribute up on the Lotus 77 F1 car. Number 12 was for Nigel Mansell.

Wanted the side pods nice and clean, so left these and the bordering for the red flash as brushed steel.
Couldn’t put a number on the side pods without shrinking the ESSEX logo, and since I wanted it as much an homage to the Esprit as the F1 car, I’ve left it big and bold, and put the #12 on the flank.

Edited to upload proper res photos… D’oh!
JPS Gp5 Zakspeed Capri - “donor” car was the no.2 Zakspeed

Dunno if it ever actually existed in reality - only Google images I find are of a slot-racing car!

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Very nice mate, car looks made for that livery. Good that you’re back in the game. If I had to pick a fault there’s something weird about the flag on the bonnet but I don’t know what it is :s

Agree about the flag a tad but other than that it’s beautiful. Awesome work, the JPS livery is always striking and I will definitely be following this thread mate.

Cheers for the replies, folks, appreciated.
Kinda with you on the flag - it’s a “part flag”, and the diagonal red (St Patrick’s) aren’t offset like in the Union Flag - thought the slot car I was using for reference might have been “lazy” on the decals, but the Lotus 77 (which is what I’m assuming the slot car was inspired by) has the diagonals like that also.
The thing that’s weird to my eye (and again, this was a direct copy), is the red bar nearest the grill being almost twice the width of the red running lengthwise - not so bad top-down, but at an angle, that difference is certainly accentuated.

Mexico, I’ll be looking for your McRae Legacy on the storefront, ditto the Gitanes 288 and Jagermeister Capri, Ace - awesome galleries fellas.

Glad you like my gallery mate, thanks! As far as the flag issue, I have to say that I think your right. The double wideness of the bottom red line is what was sticking out to me.

Bump for new paint, ESSEX F1, edited into original post.

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Bump for Akrapovic sponsorship / advertising mule BMW m4 coupe.

Essex F1 car is my favorite of the two new ones mate. Rather nice and the colors all work very well together. The Akrapovic Bimmer is a good exercise in logo work.

Bump for new cars - Dino, Mustang, Capri, Escort, and DKM Macho Z/28.

Nice designs here. I especially like that Akrapovic M4, looks so clean and sharp.

Added new Avensis touring car (no. 80) - TRD logo, GT86 colour tribute.

The Avensis is quite nice mate, looking good as it’s a nice tribute to the N2 cup cars of the days of old.

New upload - Momo 250LM:

A few annoying aspects of the 250 model - the area above and forward of the rear wheel arches goes through to the roof pillar, there’s some elongating on the rear deck approaching the spoiler which throws angles off… Oh well, play with what ya got and mask stuff I guess.

Bump for new Aussie V8 AMG Merc. Hope you like :slight_smile:

HDT/Marlboro Commodore added, HDT Torana coming very soon.

Can you look into the Bob Jane Holden HQ GTS Monaro, and his second car, the later Chevy 68-9 Camaro which he raced, but included his new company name at the time, Bob Jane T Mart. It was in blue on front guards/fenders, and carried drivers names etc. Google has some great images of his rides over the years.

The cars were Orange, not Red btw, just for reference…

Plus any Grise, Winterbotom, Seton (Barry), Moffat, Bond etc etc they raced cortinas, Capris’, escorts and of course the XU1 Toranas, yet to be included in the game, fingers crossed.

Any logos or complete liveries welcomed…

XboxOZ360 - an orange Bob Jane GTS Monaro :slight_smile:

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Thanks mate, did you check the colours on TAA’s logo?

Plus, could you change the number to ‘7’, not ‘77’, as his number was 7 initially on the '72-3 Monaro, it change from earlier I believe, when he was racing in the Camaro which had the number 77…???

Was it dark blue, black or light blue on the actual car.

Plus location of the LEVIS logo on rear quarter panel, is it correct. Another designer had them improperly located…

Great looking version, I’ll DL it asap… Many thanks…

I’ve started doing some designs and logo art. It’s amazing how ppl often download them, but you don’t get any “used” or “liked”

But it’s nice to get some credits every time you start up the Xbox isn’t it. Had a few DL’s of 2 of my ‘original’ liveries, not replicas like you do.

I nabbed the Torana and Commodore liveries. If you get moved to do other liveries on those two from that era, then slip me a PM to download them… Nice to see some great work.

So so many liveries have incorrectly positioned logos, or worse yet, have poorly ‘mirrored’ art on one side to the other. Lazy designing in my eyes. It’s easy to copy and paste original art such as logos from one side to the other, rather than rely on 'copy left/right to the other side, and hope for the best. How do these end up getting 4 stars and on the first selection when we do searches???

Great work mate, keep the true Aussie stuff coming, hopefully we’ll see more Aussie stuff if we get more Aussie cars in our next lot of DLC.

Did you get a chance to find Bob’s '69 Camaro that he raced using his new business at the time, Bob Jane T-Mart? Same colour base on vehicle with da,e logos, different number and a few additional logo location and types. Be great to have that in our livery selections…

Love that Monaro.

Bump for Lancia Montecarlo.
Oz, I’ll redo the Holden with a number 7 shortly - not been on for a while.