Sale rare cars

I have to sell any rare cars:
AMC Javelin
Caddy Limo (2)
Extreme #42 (6)
Extreme #55
Ford Wagon
Koenigsegg Agera (2)
Mini FE (5)
Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 (4)
NIO EP9 (2)
Pontiac FIrebird
Pontiac GTO Judge '69
Megan RS 250 (3)
Subaru 22B (3)
Toyota Sports 800 '65
Please, DM on xbox or discord - .skylxrd


Just for curiosity, how much are asking for the Wagon?

A lot

i can’t figure out how to send a message without sending a friend rq on discord so i sent one, i’m interested in the porsche 356C and lambo SVJ (:

Ok, I’ll start the auction from 50 mil for Wagon


List update

I’d like a minimum of 65 million for him

How about 60?

I want the javelin and the firebird hm for both of them ?

Hey, how much you want for GTO Judge?


Ok and how does is it work? How can I buy it?

Do you have a 22 BRZ? I will pay 20 mil

22b? Also I’m new to the forums. How would these trades work?

I have

DM me xbox/discord

If you have any Toyota AT37, please reply to this message and we can negotiate about the price.

Could I get the nio EP9

still got the Ageras? im looking for two currently