Saab 96 1960-1980

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Saab 96 1960-1980

Saab’s entry level model (and for a long time only car) was built for a good 20 years and frequently updated, here is a photo of one of the late road models:
A Vintage Car You Should Know: The Saab 96

But most famous is the little 1.8ltr V4 (Ford) powered car for its successful rally career:


Saab 96 V4 (1969)

Saab 96 year 1972/73

'60-'64 96 Sedan:

'65-'69 96 Sedan:

'65-'69 96 Monte Carlo 850 T:

'65-'69 96 Wagon:

'69-'74 96 Sedan:

'77-'80 96 L Sedan:


Any support for the Saab legacy gets my vote. If they do include it, I’d like to include louvers.

Also, I’d love to see a wide body kit like this, as well as the option to mount this Porsche-esque wing: