Rust Heinz Phantom Corsair concept 1938-

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Interesting Car based on a Cord 810/812

FWD with a 4.7L V8 producing around 190hp but the car weighed around 4600lbs. Top Speed was around 115mph though due to the aerodynamic shape and it features a 4-Speed Automatic Transmission.

Designed by Rust Heinz and then built by Coachbuilder Bohman & Schwartz.

The Headlights are bespoke and the bodypanels are all hand-made from sheets of Aluminium. The interior was quite advanced and featured 6 seats in a 4 + 2 layout and featured button-activated doors. The Dashboard had an aeronautical theme and was designed to be as safe as possible for crash impacts.

The car unfortunately had several major issues including poor visibility in the front and rear and engine overheating problems due to the shape and lack of vents.

Rust Heinz died in a Car crash unfortunately before the car made it to market so it remained a one-off. It was later purchased and modified and then sold and returned to its original status which it remains in today and shows up at various shows around the world.

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should be a rods and customs i think