Robby M's Driver's Club

Hey guys, Robby M here

I’m making a crew for real drivers, no non-sense racing and drifting. This crew will be for the new Need For Speed game, but it will be starting off in Forza Horizon 2. Here are some of the things I’ll be doing with you guys to start it up:

  1. circuit, and sprint racing.
  2. drifting.
  3. establishing tuners, and painters.
  4. cruising.
  5. meet ups.
  6. and just chilling out with each other.

There will be some guidelines also:

  1. ages 14+(please act mature I’m 25 years old)
  2. show up to races and meets if you say you are, if you cant make it please tell me ahead of time(please be reliable)
  3. clean racing, “use your brakes not my bumper”
  4. XB1 only(if you are on 360 I just wont reply)

So if you are interested please message me on XB1 @ WestCoastRobby, or email me @

Thanks hope to see you on the road Robby M.