Road Atlanta

I am 100% convinced that the reason its not in here at launch is licensing. To me RA to Motorsport is like Trial Mountain to GT. id take it over Fuji at this point.


One of my favorite tracks, please bring it back.


Beautiful picture :camera_flash:
There’s also a visual studio billboard at the left side! :smiley:

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Here’s the full race of the 2023 Motul Petite Le Mans separated in two parts.

I was extremely disappointed to not see Road Atlanta in the new Forza. I wish I did more research on the tracks before I bought it. If I had known that both Sebring and RA weren’t on the new Forza, I would not have bought it (even more-so, the ultimate edition). I know a good handful of my racing friends that are holding off on purchasing this game for this exact reason

We can then make this happen. From the 2023 Petit Le Mans:

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The 2nd big mistake after the levelling/grind fiasco is not including every international track that they have at launch. The Nordschleife, Bathurst and Road Atlanta should’ve all been in there.

Blessed to have RA as my home track and being able to do a track day at what is considered a world-class race track…it is sponsored by Michelin after all!! I grew up playing it on Forza franchise for years before finally going there for a track day or hanging out. For them to not include it feels personal.

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Another track that absolutely needs to be in the game along with Sebring. 12 Hours of Sebring and Petit Le Mans, need I say more?

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Road Atlanta absolutely should be added, if only due to the connection to IMSA that FM8 has.

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Please add Road Atlanta ASAP

Yes, please add RA! Essential track :blush:

Probably the track I want the most.

Also would be nice to get the Formula Drift course, using turns 10A, 10B, the keyhole before turn 11, then back through 10B and 10A.
Here’s an ultra realistic recreation

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Same, I grew up in Dacula playing FM4 but I never knew how close it was until I went to my first race back in 2014. It’s truly an amazing course and definitely needs to be added. Surprised it wasn’t in the game at launch