Rivals - Users are able to use tunes in stock only events (1660842)

It is possible to run unintended upgrades in multiplayer and rivals. Players are running upgrades on certain rivals events despite the PI showing as stock on the leaderboard. Players are also running incorrect upgrades in featured multiplayer while showing the correct PI onscreen. An example of this is the Lamborghini Essenza in Forza GT - people are running this car in its stock form in P class despite the lobby showing it in R class.

Bug Info: You can tune cars in Rivals that have “Stock Only” restrictions if you own the car.

Platform: Series X
Edition: Premium, Add-Ons
Account: solo account
Peripheral: Controller
Settings: Performance mode, all assists off apart from braking line
Xbox Settings: no parental controls
Attempted fixes: none
Content Update: Happened before and after update

Search leaderboard for VIP Laguna “Knip” Stock C8 Rival (me)

By following these steps I was able to make my stock C8 not stock and race.

In Rivals: Tune Car
Setup Manager: Find Tunes
Downloaded “Grip 2B Square” tune
Loaded it and ran car with Pl 800 Stats vs Stock Pl700 Stats

When Looking at the rivals restrictions it says Stock Only which in this case is C497 however, many submissions are way over that PI number, please fix.

Came here to report the same issue, leaving a comment to push the thread back to the top.

Btw, nice lap time :ok_hand:

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I commented under the FM 2.0 update thread as I wanted my time removed from the leader board for this issue.

I downloaded the tune from number 1 on the board and drove a few laps before realising the rivals event should have been locked to stock only

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Yup, restrictions say “stock” and yet, there are quite a few records that are not stock….

Recent VIP Rival event “High velocity” leaderboards are filled with illegal cars upgraded up to PI 768. Officially the event is restricted to Stock Hyundai Veloster FE19 with PI 497 C Class. Another embarassing bug ruining the game experience. Turn 10 pls fix it asap!

Just figured out this is very simple exploit. Car can be upgraded prior to entering event to max. possible PI and tune saved, of course. As soon as player enters rival event, upgraded car is reset to stock. So far so good.
In the event, just select Car/Tune car/Setup Manager and feel free to use your tune that does not conform to event resctriction.
Seriously T10/MS?

And I guess you can download any shared tune and jump to the leaderboard top as well, right? Not enough CP now to test it, but I really guess so.

In my career, I dealt with fraud and cheating in games. I was good at it but got burned out because it was for FIFA at EA Sports. If they’d ask, I’d gladly work on a contract with T10 to help stop this.

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I just drove around the Hyundai for an hour to level it up enough CP to upgrade it so I could compete, and realized after it was a stock event with 750+ pi cars at the top, what the??

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I submitted a report via support.forza.net about this… *** provided screenshots *** of the top folks who aren’t in stock Velosters. Got an email request from support asking me to provide screenshots. :roll_eyes::man_facepalming:t2:


Cant they just look themselves? Lol.


Agreed. It’s sad that they don’t have any telemetry that is doing fraud detection. It’s trivial to do.

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It’s a Shame if T10 don’t do anything!!!

I took a week off from the game after this. How is this not yet fixed?

The VIP Rivals event is still allowing upgraded and tuned cars in what is supposed to be a stock event. Same thing has been happening since the last Rivals

We are closing out this issue. The developers have noted this issue as Fixed as of Update 6 on 03.11.24

If you are still experiencing this issue you can create a new topic. Please link this topic in the new topic for reference and provide video/screenshots to help the investigation.

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