Rippin RPM Tune - D400 Alfa SZ Sprint Zagato Top 30 Indy GP

Well the first car I tried tuning was this really funky looking 1990 Alfa Romeo SZ Sprint Zagato. It reminded me of some futuristic looking car that you would see in films and the rear tail light reminded me of robocops visor for some odd reason.

To get to the specifics, I built a speed tune Alfa SZ for D class. This car has some really good top end for D class and despite that it still handles pretty well despite the limited upgrades available to top the car out at D400. Top end wise, one average I was going 142mph into the first turn. That’s only a few mph shy of where I at least like to be in C class. The best way I can describe the handling is something similar to a pretty good handling muscle car with a lot less random oversteer. Throttle control is still needed though (similar to what you would need in a higher class grippy muscle car) in order to get through the technical aspects of Indy GP.

Lap time wise I am currently at #26 (#15 no assist) at 1:39.846. The car can hit top 25. I was beating the guy at #25 until the second to last corner where I jumped on the brakes a tad bit too much and hurt my momentum. I’d say a low 1:39.7xx can be done but not sure if it will go faster than that.

File name: top 30 indy gp
Car is set to come up if you filter for Indy GP

I have yet to test it at other tracks, so I’m uncertain if this is a one-hit leaderboard wonder and a solid lobby car elsewhere.


Road Atlanta Full - 1:37.704 (#35) - Car drives like an absolute breeze here.
LeMans La Sarthe - 4:57.959 (#67) - Sometimes you just have to laugh as to what is possible within Forza

Not too bad considering it starts off with a high PI. Not off of work yet, but that was gonna be one of the first cars I was gonna tune. Let us know where else it can run good times.

Just saw your Road Atlanta time. Uh oh! This car is a MONSTER!

Swerve, you “jumped the gun” on me on this car selection…I actually eyed it as soon as it was out, though, I am targeting it for C-class.

I am certainly going to try your build/tune. Thanks for sharing!

Hey Swerve…since I was “following” your tunes, it came up right away, yet, when trying to download I had a problem with “exceeded my limit”. I proceeded to delete two tunes from other cars and when I went back, your tune did not show up again. Did nor show up as followed, or via a search on Creator or File. Going to reboot jic it’s an issue with this darn tunes limit check that gets performed every time.

Just wanted to let you know jic someone else runs into this issue.

***UPDATE: Just finished downloading…I did have to completely exit and go back into FM5 to get it to show up…and, had to perform the search, did not show up automatically (with Creator being followed).

Hmm that is weird dude. Glad you were able to get it. It is my new favorite car at the moment! I think it will be very good in C class.

Sucks to hear you hit your limit. I hope I’m not coming close to mine!

@matt - I’m running LeMans right now and believe it or not this car will hit a top 100 there because it goes through the corners so well. I just gotta clean up my lap because I keep losing focus from laughing in my head at how well it performs here. Its so odd running a car that actually handles the corners there.

Nice job on this tune Swerve! Got a PB at Indy GP. Since my track lines are still pretty bad, I’d prefer a little less oversteer (loose rear end at times) for my driving inabilities.

Great job on your lap time!

Good job on the PB!

Haha yea that’s why I compared its handling characteristics to a muscle car. It’ll step out at times if you come in too hot around the last few corners. I found the car to be very responsive if you just let off the gas slightly at times. Doing that doesn’t seem to hurt the acceleration or hurt corner speed. Its not a car that is meant to be man handled there (though you can at the other two tracks I ran it) and your goal basically is to not lose too much time in the corners and make it all up on the straight. Took me a little bit to figure out how to drive it. At first I was about a second slower. If you’d like I can post a version with the aero turned up? As is the aero is as low as it will go.

Thanks Swerve…I just need to continue to get better at the “line”, and to your point, ease off on the gas.

just grabbed this and going out to play will let you know my thoughts

So I noticed fat burns posted a tune for the car/track as well and when I hotlapped against him I was beating him everywhere except the last corner. For whatever reason his car would accelerate better out of that corner. It was like he had 50 more hp.

I downloaded his tune and realized his build was identical to my first version of the car with exception to rim choice. I placed my tune on the new build and sure enough it is faster off the last corner even though stat wise the car looks worse. The tune I have posted is lighter, has better handling, and better acceleration but on 17 inch rims. His has 20 inch rims and a rim choice that was 3lbs lighter. I modified his build to add even lighter rims. I won’t post this revision since i do not feel comfortable taking credit for something that wasn’t 100% of my doing, but can anybody explain why a car would accelerate better even though overall it is heavier but had bigger, yet lighter rims?

Edit: I’ve now ran a 1:39.566 which is on average a half second faster than what I would run in the other car and there is a bunch left in the tank. Crazy!

Wow, very interesting…so it seems, the rim size is giving you a boost with tread contact through the corner(s)!

The car feels the same going through the corner its just after the corner where the rumble strip starts the car just accelerates better. In the tune posted I was ghost for ghost with fat burns on exit but he just pulled away. Happened every time. In the revised version I could take the corner a lot more sloppy but wouldn’t lose any ground. I guess light weight rims are more important than a lighter car.