This game minus what does function properly…which is very little…SUCKS! Capital S.U.C.K.S! Took away our ability to choose the racing we desire…sucks…cant hold a group session just plain driving in the open map…sucks…each race that you do race…is bumper cars with intentional ramming…sucks…the sense of community gone…sucks…the fact that this was hyped and advertised as the next best thing in the franchise but fails to deliver a working streamline experience…sucks. With everything in this world that is messed up nowadays now I’ve come to realize even a simple purchase of a game will leave you at the short end of the stick. Thanks for taking my money and delivering nothing but a pretty on the surface non working experience! Bet you crushed your sales goal though so thats a plus! EDIT: This was a bit harsh. I just got fed up with backing out of online races and the glitches. It is what it is. Bigger fish to fry in life…guess we’ll see what happens.


Honestly, this is one of the most broken games I’ve ever seen.

Worse than Cyberpunk. Cyberpunk is basically a meme, and everyone said it was the worst thing ever. Yeah, it was bad, but not as bad as everyone made it out to be, if you played on a current gen console or PC. This game though, is just broken no matter WHAT you play it on.


Most things seem to work properly. And I can choose ‘the racing I desire’ just fine.


So your open world map doesn’t drop all other players…you are able to choose which car class and terrain you choose to race…i need not question any further as this is a post to irritate me more than I already am. Where is the full map of competition? This game has become an eyesore. Not even remotely does it deliver a satisfying experience for $100. Should have saved my money and played the advertised finished product which in actuality is a beta, on game pass…which yes I have. Then by no wrong doing on my part(false advertising)I wouldn’t care. Absolute misrepresentation of what this game was suppose to deliver…


Yeah, I bought the game on sale for $90, but I’m still feeling pretty burned. I have gamepass, but I wanted the ultimate edition so I could have all the content, and DLC. You know, I wanted to own the FULL game. I also couldn’t justify spending $45 on a game I don’t even OWN with the gamepass bundle, when for only $45 more, I could own the game.

It was all good the first day or so I played, but the more I looked, the more I saw everything that was broken or bugged. Now I REALLY regret not just downloading on gamepass, since I’m not even gonna play enough to want/need all the ultimate extras…


I don’t think anything works 100%… I mean you can do any race, and the lighting will be broken at least.

On consoles?

On anything the HDR, or RGB is broken. You go through tunnels, and a bright white flash. You sit in cockpit view, and the car is lit wrong. You look at a road reflecting light, and the pallet is broken. You go from night to day, and it flashes on.

Sounds strange to me. But you could have better eyes or different HW. I don’t use HDR at all.

With HDR off the palette is still broken, because something is forcing Full RGB onto HDR off.

Interesting, I like lighting in H5. Didn’t know it’s broken. :smiley:

You never seen a white flash from night to day?

I am not sure.

Another one who played for 2 minutes and already have the “right” to launch an opinion about the game lmao. Yeah, sure, most things work properly…

Wait, are you sure you are playing >>>Forza Horizon 5<<<, right?

NVM, not worth it.

I have more than 160 hours and the game is almost flawless.

Yes, I am able to choose which car class, model, type, etc. and terrain I want to race. Perhaps you intended to specify PvP.

People in my convoy tend to stay on the map, but it’s immaterial to the argument that most of the game works. Most of the game doesn’t even need to be played online.


it’s *Ridiculous
sorry i had to…


There…fixed. Hopefully PGG will do the same thing soon.

The game is awesome. Maybe you bought something else? 10/10 here.