[@RFR_Online] - Online racing community: Open test lobby Tonight @ 8pm UK

Dear fellow racers!

Replica Forza Racing we’ll be back soon, we are working hard to get everything ready to get some championships going.
In the meantime we are exploring all facets of Forza Motorsport 7 with their homologation groups. And we will start of with a few one-off events in the coming weeks.
All this is to get people into racing, and figuring out what people prefer.

We used to run on mondays but from now on, wednesday will be THE night to be on FM7. Mostly running lobbies from 8:30pm or earlier if permitted.

More info will be announced here and on our official forums, HERE
Also, keep and eye out on twitter @RFR_online
(be sure to follow our admins @Vinnybelt and @orenishii_be)

See you all on track soon

V4Vendetta83 and OrenIshii BE
RFR Staff

This evening ME or V4Vendetta83 will be hosting our first testing lobby tonight!
The plan is to test out the cars in certain homologated groups in Forza Motorsport.

Everyone is free to join in when ever, and leave at their discretion.

We plan to host these test-lobbies for a few weeks to see if/which groups of cars are matched up!
To eventually host a championship of 6 rounds in whatever the community who races with RFR prefers.

these are a few of the groups, series when had in store for the coming weeks

  • Modern Hot Hatches
  • Forza GT
  • Group 5 racers
  • Classic Touring (Sport coupe icons?)
  • Modern touring
  • GT4
  • Vintage Prototypes

Even spec series is something we’ll be looking into as well

We know with forzas new car-collection progress, not everyone will have access to all cars, be we’ll take it into account to start with the cheaper classes
So people can build up some funds to purchase more cars.

So, for those interested in league racing, clean AND fun
you’re more than welcome to join us in our testing lobbies in the coming week, to see if this is your kind of racing.

See you on track