Reward Page not working


Got a problem with the rewards page. My browser tell me that has not been found and so I can not access the Rewards pages. Does not matter if I try to reach the Overview or any other subpage from the rewards - everytime the same message. I already tried two different browsers (Chrome and Firefox) and also cleared my DNS Cache. But nothing helped.

Any ideas?

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The same here, the link is not working
Dns problem

Same here, dns issue, any news from support crew?

They announced the shutdown of the rewards program some time last year. The forza hub app wouldn’t be available for download past september 2021, and accessing it to download weekly points would end some time early to mid 2022.


Thanks for your answer.

Rewards are still available as they can be claimed in the Forza Hub app. The Rewards section of the website stopped working with the introduction of the new forum…no clue whether that was intentional or not…the link from the Reward FAQ in the Support website does not work either.

@ManteoMax Any chance you can look into this please? Either to get it working or have the Rewards component of the top menu removed if it’s no longer working. Thanks

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Rewards hub was still giving points last friday (25th March 2022 for posterity), but tracking of days played etc hasn’t worked for a long time. Which is a shame as I’d have maxed out FM7 and FH4 and made it to the next level by now. Sadly, Turn 10 and Playground Games don’t seem to think it’s worth their time to correct the frequent bugs in the system or perpetuate it for those long time players who like having their devotion to the Forza series on display. So, no new points for FH5 and a rebranding for FM8. Onwards and upwards…


Both my Forza Hub (license issues?) and website (dns) have stopped working. Seems that’s the end of awards - much earlier than expected!

Had meant to post about this issue sooner, but yeah much like everyone else I noticed that the Forza Rewards site hasn’t been working for what feels like the past week or so now :confused:

In regards to the unfortunate (& stupud) closer of the Forza Rewards program/system itself, the announcement clearly stated “mid-2022”, of which I’m pretty certain that March isn’t even close, mid would be at least June/July which March is definitely not!

Also, what the hell did they do to the forums!?

So, for me here in Austria the Reward Section of the Website is also not working, BUT the Forza HUB still does !!!. I just got 600.000 Credits sent to all the Forza Games (where more than the half I don’t own XD).
The point is, it’s not disabled → the website is just broke.
IMHO…these are small errors, which doesn’t break the Game BUUUT that these stuff with the Rewards isn’t working correctly - angers me !
The Forza Hub shows me since Forza 4 wrong stats, I never could achieve Tier 6, because the Hub wasn’t noticing my accolades. Yeah, I got the 100.000 Creds, but the point is the Competition imho. 100 K Creds is nothing and in the game, you get anyway flooded with money. The Reward Section could go hand in hand with the accolade page → and make so a motivation to the core gamers. With a tile in the menue of FH5. Oh, what all would there be possible…

Working now / UTC 19:50 :slight_smile:

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Can confirm too that the Forza Rewards site is finally thankfully working again at last!:+1:

Though I wish the game stats/points would actually update still, given they said that Forza Rewards would still continue to function until mid-2022 when it’ll be discontinued, but it’s not as fully functional as we would’ve liked it to be!
For example, I recently finally played FH2 presents Fast & Furious for the first time, almost 7 years exactly to it’s release​:sweat_smile: but the point being I basically completed the whole thing in like 3-4 hours and nearly unlocked ALL the achievements for it too in the process (970/1000G), but yet over on Forza Rewards it still shows 0/500 points towards that particular game and no stats/points tracked :confused:

EDIT: Just wanted to update to say the Forza Rewards page actually updated and shows my progress in the aforementioned FH2 F&F game!:open_mouth: though only for the gamerscore points and not actually the gameplay stats, like Boards Smashed, Roads Driven, etc…

Rewards redeemed for the last two weeks have not been applied to account…needs looking into!

Same here: FM7 and FH3. Rewards redeemed online but won’t show up in-game.

There’s a message in FH4 that rewards stop in May. Seems like they’ve already stopped for some titles and FH4 could be the last one standing for the last few weeks.

Redeeming rewards is supposed to work through May 5th. If yours are not coming through please use the link at the bottom of this article to Submit a Ticket so the team can investigate:

I tried to submit a ticket. It just auto-replied to me that legacy games are not supported. I tried FH3 and then FM7.

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Not true. For over a week now, I get a pop up that reads: “Forza Hub isn’t available, try again”

So they just “got rid” of rewards? They want us to really do more grinding then huh? Hmm. Sounds familiar. Are we sure Turn 10 weren’t taken over by Bungie?:wink:

Rewards were still available when I posted that comment 2 months ago. However, as of 12th May, Forza Hub has been removed permanently and so will always show as unavailable