[Request] Looking for a '68 Pontiac Firebird


So, I happened to miss out on the '68 Firebird. By chance, does anyone have one that I can purchase? I’m willing to pay the max 20M Credits needed.
If anyone is selling it, feel free to add me and I’ll contact you when I’m available!

stalk the auction house, took me about 7 minutes and I got mine, which I also missed.

Stalk you mean press A go back and press A during 7 min?!

I’m also looking for one, but I am only able to pay 7 mil.

This is a little late, but I recently made this account to try and find one.

I have one or two spares. pm me to set something up.

i have no clue how to PM

im losing my mind trying to figure this crap out

Do you mean PM? Just click on the persons name and on the window that opens, click on message.

i dont think im allowed to yet, since im a new member

i would say a lot more than crap if i could (thanks)