Reporting Cheating & Modified Accounts & Function Feedback

Like many of you, I’ve encountered a fair number of players who appear to be cheating.

The behaviour I’ve observed most recently allows players to corner at full speed. Most commonly it’s used as-and-when required to keep the player ahead however I have seen it used for entire laps in circuit events. Player vehicles appear to snap onto the prescribed racing line when it’s being used.

Most of the profiles I’ve reported look quite similar - Xbox generated Gamertag (usually followed by # and some numbers), less than 1500 gamer score and either an icon indicating PC play or a status set to Offline.

The current process for reporting a player is:

Xbox Button > Recent Players > Report or Block > Report > Cheating

At this point you’re then given the following options:

  • Sexually inappropriate
  • Violence or gore
  • Harassment
  • Spam or advertising
  • Terrorist or violent extremist content, or
  • Something else

To report the player for cheating you need to choose the Something Else sub-category and then the option for Cheating.

So in full, the process is:

Xbox Button > Recent Players > Report or Block > Report > Cheating > Something Else > Cheating

I’m aware this feedback may be more for Microsoft than the Forza Team but this process could be improved. The sub-categories offered within the category of Cheating are not relevant and don’t help players accurately report any offending behaviour.

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I sooooo want to comment in this thread, but… :smirk:

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Seriously, yeah, NONE of those choices are at all about Cheating. I guess “Something Else” (aka round file).

Who writes this stuff ? Who proofs it before it goes live ? I’m pretty sure I’ve commented and sent feedback about this very thing before. Multiple times. Of course nothing has changed. Why would it. It’s working perfectly fine… :roll_eyes:

You can always report the person by clicking the support link at the top of the forums page. Not as convenient as being able to report them in game but it is an option. I’ve reported a number of people for modded accounts (level 10 prestige with less than a week of playing time) and obvious hacks.

But of the list of early stage options near the beginning of you post, ‘quitting early’ is ridiculous to have included. There are times in the Trial when you get teammates that intentionally ruin your race. The only options then are to waste your time by losing with a team that doesn’t deserve to win any way or to just quit and try again with a team that is at least willing to not hurt each other.

Umm, you do realize those second options go with everything except cheating? So option you pick is Something Else.

Basic form, they likely didn’t think they needed to spell it out and put hours into a robust form… instead of working on the game.

hmm, i wasn’t aware that “quitting early” was an infraction. what about people with less than NASA-grade internet speed? or power outages? or for that matter, T10/PGG’s own spotty servers that are prone to disconnects? i can’t count the times i was chucked out of an event in progress by disconnection at no fault of my own.


(post deleted by author)

A few weeks ago, i ve openend a thread about mod acounts sellers. I ve receivied an image with mod discripition and with sellers GT. unfortunately, the only reponse was here is not to kind of question and close topic.

and the seller continues on in his “work”

My conclusion is: PG/T10 dont give a **** for cheaters or modders

whats this about #numbers at the end of a persons gamertag?

I think the term you’re looking for is “aiding and abetting”.

I think what the OP is saying is that most of the cheaters were people with generic gamertags ([adjective][noun][numbers]) instead of an intentional gamertag.


ok cause when i made my name xbox/microsoft whoever it is they added the numbers basically i wasnt original enough in picking my name

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It’s mainly for Head-to-Head Challenges and Ranked Races (the latter not instituted in FH5 atm). It is primarily one of those things for people that gets numerous reports.

If you are only quitting when losing, chances are, it has nothing to do with your connection speed. And the Data would definitely reflect Latency and whether it was a Latency Disconnection or player-generated Disconnection.

Keeping in mind, the players Console/PC is constantly Pinging the Servers, as well as every other connection on that server. All data is captured and logged.