Replica Designs by SR1980

Good evening. So I’ll try replicas of famous racing cars to paint

here is my first result.

of course to download

Hopy you like it

next one the BMW tii. Have fun with it.

Looks good mate, keep up the good work!

The next Replica is a Mitsubishi Evo 8 Japo Motorsport GTR. Ready for Download

Your best one so far mate! Looks good, very clean and the logo-work is spot on.

this one is the next. I found and i liked it. I changed the stripes a little bit what did you think? I know its not hard to paint but stripes und little details are not easy.

but not all cars will be white at the basic design - its original thats the reason. the black on the roof is carbon

Looking really nice mate! Very clean and I love the PP Performance logo. Awesome job.

Back on Track my new Project GT86 Griffon. Ready for Download

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These are looking really good! Keep it up!

I am really digging the GT86. The retro colors are a nice touch, keep up the great work mate!

more colours more action. 1 2 3 Ready to Download. We Need 15000 Drift Points

I am digging the gradient on that GT86. The logos are also spot on. Keep up the good work.

A new car was Born. Taste it.

The colours looks in game better as in the Picture

Nice work. Love that S2000.

the S2000 is very cool mate, keep it up

thanx for the comments no is this tune available to download Tuning also search jdm Honda or my gamertag. 2 new Pictures

Really nice S2K. The color scheme is fantastic! I love that gold and the logo’s are so clean.

You know where i am from. Hope you like it to ready to Download

That’s really cool mate! Awesome hob with that one. I love the Samurai guy.

Good work!