Renault Alpine GTA 1985-1991

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Renault Alpine GTA

This model has been represented in Forza games as the:

  • 1990 (Renault) Alpine GTA Le Mans (FH3 | FM7-FM at launch)

I really want this car to come back to Forza, it’s a rare and beautiful car imo

The one featured in FH3 and FM7 is the Le Mans Edition which featured a Factory Widebody and BBS-esque Rims with a Fake Centre Locking Nut.

The first batch saw a drop of 15hp down to 182hp due to the installation a Catalytic Converter as a result of new Emissions Regulations by the French Government but later batches were retuned and upped to 207hp.



The next highest trim of the Vehicle was the 2.5L V6 Turbo Model sold from 1985-1990 which featured 197hp prior to the installation of the Cat after which it also dropped to 182hp (they used the same engine).

This was completely replaced at the end of 1990 by the Le Mans.


I may be late to know this but the 1990 Alpine GTA Le Mans should return to Horizon. Its only appearance in Horizon series is FH3, where it was first featured.

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Put back in FH5