Reintroduce antagonists in Forza Horizon

I never played Forza Horizon 1, but I know it had Darius Flynt as the antagonist. He made a return (or more like cameo) in one of the FH5 Stories.

I think it would be nice to bring back antagonists to Forza Horizon. Maybe not Darius Flynt, but a new one that acts as a red line through the single player career mode.

He (and his crew?) could also be responsible for the weekly PR Stunts we need to beat. For example, the weekly stunts could be small races we join and we see a small cutscene of them setting a new record (like the 550m jump this week) and we get a call from our in-game friends to beat it to reclaim the record.

This would make the whole game much more immersive and make the Horizon Festival an actual Festival we participate in.

What do you think?