can’t they just patch it to make it like the pr shots, just look

now look at this

plus the wheels are not even reflected.

This is the thing I despise about T10. They do this ALL the time now, and I think it is wrong and extremely sly and dishonest of them.

In all of the trailers for this game, it shows all the cars driving around in extreme detail, but drive them in game and they all have very shoddy looking interiors (when looking in from the outside). Not to mention all the horrifically annoying continuity errors in the game with the lighting and textures.

I just find it catastrophically hypocritical of them to pride themselves on being ‘the highest rated racing game franchise’ and how they go in to the minutia of detail on all these cars, just to do that to the final product.

I love Forza games, but these sort of things are becoming increasingly noticeable with each release they bring out.

This is me just being harsh, but seriously… if you’re going to advertise it this way, why blatantly stab us all in the face when we are playing with down-graded graphics?

Phew! Rant over, and yes, it did feel good.

The pictures are always going to be better than what the game can achieve, seems the game was a slight downgrade.

Yep, in my lifetime that marketing approach/method has been the same since the days of the Commodore 64.

“All Xbox One in-game footage.” LOL. Come on T10, you don’t have to lie to us.

I may be wrong, but I thought the reflections once looked better than that. I could’ve sworn I had a screenshot of an Aston Martin and the reflection was pretty good, though not as good as the promo pics. Can someone confirm? Maybe they were broken in an update.

With this in mind, you can almost guarantee a downgrade for FM6 unfortunately.

It’s not lying, more along the lines of a much more powerful Dev kit console. So it is in fact all Xbox One in-game footage just not retail

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That may be so, but misleading is just as bad as lying imo.

I agree.

As I said, if they’re going to advertise it looking like that… It should look like that.

I understand that the xbox on is not the most powerful device ever but atleast for the photomode they can improve the reflections like they do with car models. Other than that the gam looks great.

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