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M & D Audi S7 Widebody

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Started on my first design yesterday but ended up hitting the layer limit and couldn’t finish. Wish I knew before I finished the Olympia Beer text logo this morning!
Anyways, the unfinished Saleen Ford Bronco render:

I also find it weird you cannot paint the hood on the Bronco - definitely would’ve ruined the livery if I would have been able to progress further.

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I saw “Bump” on a thread in the Paint Booth… started to have flashbacks… lol (those around in the FM2 days will get that reference)

I’m a huge fan of “Big Oly”, so I’ll be keeping an eye on this… looks great! And I know the hard top isn’t paintable, but will still look awesome with that MIC top. Painting is a lot to do with trimming layers. You do quality work, but a lot of details aren’t noticeable when shrunken down… it may be tough to delete layers of somethingyou put so many hours into, but I think you can pull this off.

Spot on. Back in the day when we only had 1,000 layers to work with, layer management was critical but even with three times the amount now I’m still finding that Forza painting often involves some compromise along the way.
If the design’s unfinished i wouldn’t have known, it still looks good as is tbh. I spotted the KC logo, don’t know if my reply to your earlier thread was of any help?

Hey, thanks! As far as the KC logo, I think I’m just going to need to find ways to work without mask layers since when importing that group onto the car the mask layers were affecting everything else on the car as well. Wish they would make some adjustments to the way masking layers work similar to clipping layers in Photoshop but I’m sure with practice I’ll get better, these designs alone helped me learn quite a bit already.

The way I explained it didn’t involve using the mask layers so you shouldn’t encounter that problem? If the pics I posted weren’t clear then the clip in my Xbox LIVE feed should help, it’s only a minute long, might be worth a quick look? Or not, LoL, no biggie :wink:

Oops I may have thought you were a different user! I’ll go back and check the thread for your post, thanks!

M & D Design Audi S7 Widebody

My first finished livery in Horizon 5.

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