Received wrong gift?

I received a Rivals Bronze Variant Livery Gallardo Super Trofeo for week 1 Rivals, but when I take a look at the leaderboards of the rivals event it says “you are in the top 15%” (sorted by top scores). Shouldn’t I receive the Silver Variant instead of the Bronze for getting in the top 15%?

I don’t mind getting the Bronze Variant, but I was just wondering why I didn’t get the Silver one.

Thanks in advance

You could be 15.1%. The leaderboard does no show decimals but rounds the %.

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I don’t think that’s it. My position in the leaderboards is 3046 out of 20416. 3046 / 20416 x 100% = 14,919%.

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That percentage might only be counting clean laps. So you might be in the Top 15%(you said 14.919) overall of both clean and dirty laps, but you might be 15.9% only counting clean laps?

That might be it. I wish I knew this for sure though. I got gold on Watkins and I’m trying to get gold on Silverstone too, but there’s no way to be sure what time is good enough for gold if what you say is true :(. Scrolling down the whole leaderboards to see where the dirty laps start is a lot of work haha :slight_smile:

I can barely see the difference between the different variants. Is it only the door posts that are a different colour?

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Bronze almost looks like gold too…lol
Happy with my bronze😊

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I got gold on both but feel like that I was low enough at least at the Glen that if they only calculated based on people turning clean laps there is no way I would have been gold.

I’m also really confused about how someone could participate and not put in the minimal effort to put in a clean lap. It isn’t like they are asking for a clean lap around the full ring in the rain. It is pretty easy to putz around a clean lap on normal tracks. Completely beside the point, just expressing something that has befuddled me.


I originally got sent a bronze Lambo for week two even though I placed in the top 15%. Today, I was also sent a silver one. I’m not sure about anyone else but I also heard a couple people who had incorrect cars receive correct ones today, hopefully this is coming to fix any issues for everyone :).