Rear tire lifting bug causing loss of grip

When drifting or even just racing the rear inside tire lifts causing a loss of traction and inside wheel speed to jump but in reality the front inside is supposed to lift if anything. This needs to be addressed and fixed asap as that’s a huge bug it only happens on stock sport and drift suspension

Are you sure this is not tuning related? Looks like the setup of the car is very loose.

if it happens to all of cars, its a bug. if its happening only the specific car, try hardening the anti-roll bars
Check it and reply if it’s fixed please…

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This happens to all cars regardless of tuning I have been a long time player since fm1 days I know my way around there tuning system. I can confidently say this is a bug in game as regardless of tune the inside rear should never lift. I run right suspension on alot of my cars and that should be allowing the front inside tire to lift not the rear. I also run alot of grip on my drift builds and that should show that the front inside should lift and its not the rear is instead

as i see on the telemetry, only the inner wheel is spining like crazy.
The 300mph is crazy of course number, so if it happens in any setup you make, then you have a bug over there.
But i didn’t understand the ‘that should be allowing the front inside tire to lift not the rear’.
What do you mean? That with such a grip, the front inner wheel should be in the air?