Real World Motorsports: Cars and online lobbies/hoppers?

I’m still on the fence whether to go Sony or Microsoft as far as consoles and subsequently racing ‘sims’ go. I’m a big fan of the highest forms of racing. (F1, WEC, IndyCar, USCC, DTM, Aussie V8 etc) Are any of these series represent well in FM5 online, as well as in the car list itself? In FM4 there was only the Forza Le Mans hopper which was good but had fairly outdated classes, as well as no Le Mans… I know there’s racing clubs to join, I have been involved in the past, but its nice to be able to freely jump on and race with others in a real world race type. Not to mention it open up people to real world race championships that they would otherwise not have been exposed to. As far as the cars themselves go, if i’m remembering correctly FM4 boasted a better line up than say Gran Turismo 5/6, but is that still the same with FM5’s new tiny car list?

The leagues exist in career mode but none of the body types are currently featured as any of the four league specific multiplayer hoppers. The four league hoppers, american muscle, moern sports, track toy and iconic sports car have not rotated once since release. So if you seek the ability to jump in a diversified array of multiplayer leagues without joining some external car club private event then Forza 5 may not be a good choice. For allthe cars in the game you will find mp hoppers focus on a narrow spectrum of general classification cars.

Real world motorsports come with expensive licenses. If Turn 10 tried to simulate the likeness of any of these leagues without any sort of permissions, there would be trouble. That said, you are free to create private custom lobbies and regulate it to replicate any one of the series you listed.

Has the T10 partnership with ALMS gone away now that they merged with Grand Am to create the USCC? FM4 had a nice tie in with the cars, rivals events, and the “Forza Le Mans” hopper. I was looking forward to a properly reworked/updated version of that hopper, as well as new cars, for FM5…

And looking at the car list the only new racing cars I could find was the new Audi R18 as well as the Indy and F1 cars. With many many, especially prototypes removed.

GT5 and 6 both have more cars and tracks than any forza game, forza just has the better visuals and better physics to some. i enjoy racing in both games, but prefer racing in GT 5/6 when it comes to more professional feel to it, because you can do 24 hrs of le mans and nurburgring in GT5/6. you can’t do anything remotely close to that in Forza. and you can’t do much in Forza 5, career and MP is lacking heavily in FM5. the game simply isn’t complete. 14 measily lil tracks can only be fun for so many races. once you hit level 100+ wanting to play FM5 kind of becomes a chore. at least for me it does. i only play when a buddy comes online to play and invites me to go race with em. outside of that, I’m all for GT5 and 6. If you want to be forza loyal, stick with FM4. wait about a year or two before you get FM 5.

Yes, but can you go into one of GT’s online hoppers and have a Jeep or a pick up truck in every race waiting to smash drivers as they pass by? Makes the experience all worth it, don’t you think?