READ FIRST - Gameplay feature tags and topics

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Posting with tags

When you create a topic you’ll be prompted to select one tag. Tags help other users and development teams filter topics to focus on specific areas of interest.

Tags and Topics

This category is for topics related to driving and racing, Drivatars, difficulty and assists, event types and game modes, physics behavior, and camera views.

This category uses the following tags:

Tag Topics
fh-cinematics Camera views and cockpit animations
fh-game-modes Drag, Drift, PR Stunts, Playground Games, Stories, Challenge Cards, Showcases, Drone Mode, Rivals and leaderboards,etc
fh-physics Assists, tire/fuel wear, damage, grip
fh-racing Drivatars, penalties
fh-gameplay-misc All other misc gameplay features

Use the Multiplayer / Online category for topics specific to online opponents and connectivity.