Re-acquire a FE car


I have made a terrible mistake and accidentally sold a 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 FE on the auction house. Is there any other way I can re-acquire the car? There is none of them for sale in the auction house :(. It is the only FE car i’m missing from the Forza Driver’s Cup Reward.

Thank you very much!

If your lucky enough that Corvette is unnoticed by auction users, your fine but if someone decided to Bid or buyout your car and won the car (atleast you get some credits). Find another one, look for a cheap bid that is almost gonna expire, bid or even buyout it if you have millions of credits or something, if you have to bid then get enough credits just in case someone decides to outbid you.

Seems like I read where he sold it, and might have mentioned there are never any on there to buy.

OP, that’s rather unfortunate, it’s probably going to be awhile before you see another one. If it was a cup car, I guess you could always start a new account, get the car and try to auction it to yourself.

I just dont understand how you can accidentally sell a car on the auction house…you have to click yes a few times before it gets listed and even then you can cancel it before any bids can be put on it


Agree 100%. This was not an ‘accident’. More likely seller’s remorse.


Probably just trying to make money and sell it again lol

Your gonna have to keep an eye on the auction house and I don’t know how much you sold your vette for but be prepared to spend at least 6 mil for any Forza Edition cars.

I accidentally sold it for 479,000 Credits on May 7, 2018. Since i painted most of my car black, I was not aware of the “Forza Edition”, I wanted to sell the other car, C7.R. If I had any intention of making money, I would have chosen another car. I just recently finished my Elite Forza Driver’s Club on May 29th to collect all the Driver’s Club cars. It was for collection and achievement purposes. I’m not a racing pro like any of you, so I don’t really know which car is the best in whichever race etc.

Thank you very much for your help.

Can’t believe someone got it that cheap, I’m surprised it wasn’t snatched up immediately at the base 5.5 million buy out price of fe cars.

I think I have a spare if you’d like to buy it.